Welcome to Aerial!

https://www.newaerial.net/ | More domains coming soon! Old ones expired.


  1. Welcome to Aerial! This site has mainly no rules, just don't get in trouble because you are on it!

  2. We take personal requests on games, and if you would like to see a list of the consoles that we can emulate, you can go to this page. You can suggest games over on the Game Suggestion Form.

  3. If you have some changes you'd like to suggest we implement, we take suggestions over on the Feedback Form! Feel free to suggest essentially anything!

  4. If you feel like something isn't working properly, you can always send a message with the Bug Report Form!

  5. We accept donations via paypal! Donating isn't required, but is very much appreciated. Any and all donations will be used for paying for Aerial's domain.

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